2022 - 2023 Hospital Program

 MONTHLY CREDITS: Hospital events will be reported on the current Department Hospital Report form (hard copy) or submitted by Electronic input reporting system found on the Department's Home Page. The Hospital Program runs from May 1, 2023 through April 30, 2024. Monthly reporting is the Posts means of receiving credit for all hospital events conducted by the individual Posts during any given month (1 May to 31 May respectively). Reports with multiple months included on the same form will be credited in the month they are received. All reports, both hard copy and electronic must be received by Department and dated no later than midnight the tenth day of the following month (EXAMPLE: Mays reports must be into Department no later than the 10th of June for you to get credit for May). When dating your reports use the last day of the month for which you are reporting. 

REPORT SUBMISSION: Electronic and hard copy reports use the same format in the same order (NOTE: the date is MM/DD/YYYY) (EXAMPLE: 05/31/2023 should appear in the date space provided for reports submitted for May). 

HARD COPY: These reports allow the user to keep a running log of their events performed with in that month; please ensure that the Totals at the bottom of the form for each of your activities are filled out.

ELECTRONIC REPORTING: Electronic reporting is done via the Department Website. Ensure that all the spaces are filled out properly, especially your Post number and District number, I can't enter your report without that bit of information. The date format MM/DD/YYYY, use the last day of the month for which you wish to receive credit, not the event date. Comment section must be filled out. Submit only one report per month. If you find an error after you have submitted your report or find you forgot to enter data please submit an email to the director with changes. The director will correct your report. Any value over $1,000.00 dollars or 1000 miles requires detailed explanations in comments. (I.e. Hospital equipment loaned 24/7 total of $3275.00, Donations of clothing to Veterans Home over $1600.00 or a hospital trip total mileage of 1280) Once you have submitted your data, a confirmation form will appear, make a copy of this form for your records in case your report does not post to the website.


VFW Hospital Reporting Instructions
Go to VFWMI.ORG webpage.
Click on LOGIN, then click on Report Entry
In the Login Username put your Post Number
In password put Pass13 then click on Login inside the black box.
Go down to Add Report Data and click on Hospital Activity, then click on the ADD box all the way to the right.
Your Hospital Activity report will come up. Change the month to the month for which you are reporting by
clicking on the arrow in the month box.
Under workers you can report how many total workers.
Hours you can report how many hours your workers.
Worker and hours should be reported as one worker, one hour and one patient for each piece of hospital equipment loaned out.
Example is 6 pieces of equipment equal 6 hours,6 workers, and 6 patients..
Donations just enter the number of donations for each item donated. Total of donations will be totaled
Equipment just enter the number of pieces donated for use for each item. The value of all items will be totaled up automatically.
Patients, you can report how many patients were contacted or visited.
Miles, you can report the miles driven to visit those patients above.
Pints, total number of pints of blood donated.
Description, Put in a brief description of your hospital reporting activities.
Before you hit the submit button, make sure you have entered everything. It is suggested that you print a copy of this report before you hit the submit button. Once you have entered everything, click the submit button.
This will take you back to the Member Access screen and you will be able to see the report you just entered under the Submitted Date.
Once the Hospital Director approves the report it will be sent to the approved reports file.
If you want to look at your approved reports, click on Show Approved and all your past reports will come up and you can click on them and print them out if you need a copy of the report.
Your unapproved reports will only be there until they are approved.


WORKERS: This space is for the actual number of individuals involved in an event, and you can claim one worker for each piece of hospital equipment loaned out monthly.

WORKERS HOURS: The total time of each person for the entire event actually spent with patients. (NOTE: time only counts for the time spent with patients. Driving time to and from the event is credited as mileage. DAV drivers get credit for time spent with patient while at the appointment only if they stay with the patient, otherwise they receive no credit. Volunteer time at a hospital, nursing home, retirement center etc. for which you have no patient contact will not be reported on the Hospital Report. You can claim one hour for each piece of hospital equipment loaned out monthly. (Hospital visitation hours are credited at the end of the year at the rate of $21.79 per hour).

DONATIONS: Donations are reported in dollar amounts. Report expenses, and value of items donated in the accomplishment of hospital events (i.e. bingo party refreshments etc., books, magazines clothes and the like). New items may be listed at cost; used items must be listed at a reduced value (see chart below for values).

HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT: Hospital Equipment is reported as a dollar amount. Total all actual equipment that has been or still is on "loan" from your Post during the month and put a total dollar value for all loaned equipment in the total block. See chart below for a listing of equipment values (i.e. Remarks Block- Hospital equipment 24/7, Hospital Equipment Block - $3275.00) Hospital Equipment rented for a patient by the post will be credited at actual cost incurred by the Post. 

PATIENTS: This includes the total number of patients that have been visited during an event, or have attended a hospital function that you have held, and you can claim one patient for every piece of hospital equipment loaned out. 

MILEAGE: The total number of miles driven to and from hospital event. Mileage will be allocated at $0.14 per mile at the end of the year. Only submit actual miles not dollar amounts. 

 BLOOD DONATIONS: This is the actual number of pints of blood, or the number of Double Reds donated. Blood Donations will be credited at $170.00 per pint, $250.00 per double red at the end of the year. 

CHANGE TO THIS YEARS PROGRAM: This reporting year in May of 20234, all Hospital Report's received after May 1 2024 regardless of what month is on the report, that report will be reported for the next reporting year  2023-2024. Even if you are trying to obtain All State points any report sent in after May 1 2024 would not be counted by the All State Director. There is no reason that a January 2023 for instance, needs to be entered after May 1 2023. I hope you can see where I am coming from as to this change, if for some reason you absolutely want a January report for instance, entered after May 1 2023, contact me and explain why you absolutely need it that way, I will listen to what you have to say. 



Amateur - Use hours and mileage

Professional - Going rate of hour or mileage, but not both

Department of Michigan VFW                       
924 North Washington                                                                      
Lansing, MI 48906                                                   
FAX: 517-485-6432
Letter from the Director:
Please pass this Revised Hospital Report 2023 thru 2024 this will make the report good for four years to the "Hospital Chairperson".  They will really appreciate getting this email and the revised hospital report 20 23 thru 2024.
Because of the New Electronic Reporting System, the System is "now" doing the calculations.  Therefore I have made improvements to the Hospital Report 2023 thru 2024, so it is "easier" for the Hospital Chairperson, who makes out the monthly hospital reports.  They will have "less" to do.
The Hospital Chairman is now listed on the report.  The Chairman's Telephone Number is now listed.  I want to be able to call the "actual" person filling out the report and not someone else.  I do "not" want to call someone, who is "not" filling out the report.  This is wasting "my" time by finding the "actual" person.  It is taking too long for that person to return my phone call.
Only the Month & Year has to be stated.  The System does not care about the day, only the month.  The System has 12 months listed.  You can "only" do (1) one report "per month".  The System will "not" allow you to enter two or more reports for the same month.
On the Hospital Visits/Patient Visits category, the Hospital Chairman "still" has to list "Where", "Number Workers", Number Hours", "Donations & Cash (Dollars", "Patients Contacted" and "Total Miles".  The Hospital Chairman has to ADD each column "down" and enter the "Totals" for each column and enter them on the Total Line, that  states "Visits Totals".  The System does "not" know where you visited, how many workers, how many hours, how many cash donations, how many patients, or how many miles for "each" hospital visit or patient visit.
No Totals for Hospital Equipment.  The System will automatically ADD everything and give credit of one worker, one hour and one patient for each piece of hospital equipment loaned out.  The Hospital Chairman just has to enter the quantity for "each" hospital equipment listed loaned out,
No Totals for Donations.  The System will automatically do the calculations.  The Hospital Chairman just has to enter the quantity of "each" donation item listed on the report that was donated.
NO GRAND TOTAL Line.  The System will automatically do ALL the calculations.
The Electronic Reporting System is Up & Running for anyone, that wants to enter their Hospital Reports "electronically".  You will "not" see an error message at the end where it states "Report Confirmation - Order Submitted".   That has been fixed.  You can "only" do (1) one report per month.  The System will "not" allow you to enter more than one electronic report per month.  
I hope these "continued" improvements will save "time" for everyone.  Please read the updated instructions. I am here to help, my name number and address is listed under Hospital, feel free to contact me with any questions you my have.  I am looking forward to a great year working for all my Comrades out there, and yes I work for you and our great Department.
Thank you for your cooperation,