The Day of Challenges Program will be conducted at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI.  The month is usually Feb. with specific date TBA.  The competitive events are conducted in the University Student Development Center, followed by a luncheon and awards ceremony in the gymnasium and ice arena concourse. 

Day of Challenges is a one-day Michigan youth activity program sponsored by the Department of Michigan VFW with local support from VFW District 15 and area VFW Posts.  The Michigan Tech Army ROTC cadets run the event, assisting with the challenges and leading each of the teams while helping to build leadership skills with each of the participants.  The Army ROTC Cadre observes the event along with the VFW Program Director.    

The program is designed to challenge teams in physical fitness, coordination and leadership as a group.  The Junior Division (middle school grades 5, 6, 7 and 8) and Senior Division (high school grades 9, 10, 11 and 12) teams are limited to 6 members.  Disability is accepted in team memberships.  A maximum of 30 teams may compete in the Day of Challenges due to facility constraints.  Events included are physical fitness test, swimming pool events & an obstacle course.  Leadership reaction is tested on each team using limited equipment to solve a simulated scenario.  

The Program is marketed by mailings to school principals with return mail and on-line registration from those schools desiring to participate.  

Team event awards will be presented in each Division.  The top scoring team in JR. & SR. divisions will be presented with an engraved traveling trophy that can be displayed in their school until next year’s Day of Challenges.  In addition, all team participants will receive a Day of Challenges Certificate of Completion, a Medallion, & a custom tee shirt.  The Iron Boy trophy is awarded to the top scoring boy and the top-scoring girl is awarded the Iron Girl trophy. 

The Department of Michigan pays for all awards and the meals for the participants and ROTC cadets. 

VFW Posts sponsoring a Day of Challenges team can receive report credit for Youth Activities and Community Service. 

Post will receive five (5) All State points per $25 donation to Day of Challenges (maximum $100 donation).  

Butch Paavola, Director                                                  

44915 11th Street                                                                           

Atlantic Mine, MI  49905