Department of Michigan

All-State Program



            To be in contention for All-State Honors, a Post must meet the following criteria:

1.    Post must be 100% in membership with new or reinstated members as shown below:

Division 1:    10-65 members must have 1 new or reinstated member.

Division 2:    66-125 members must have 2 new or reinstated members.

Division 3:    126-225 members must have 3 new or reinstated members.

Division 4:    226+ members must have 4 new or reinstated members.

2.    Post must be in good standing with all bylaws, audits, bond, etc.  (Department Checklist)

3.    Commander and Quartermaster must attend at least one in person Department sponsored VTS or attend 6 one hour Zoom VTS’s.

4.    Post must submit an activity report by the 10th of the month every month.

5.    Post must be reported in all the following categories every month:

a.     Community Service

b.    Americanism

c.     Youth Activities

d.    Drug  

e.    Safety

6.    Post must contact at least one of their respective State Senator, State Representative, U.S. Representative or U.S. Senator’s office quarterly, at a minimum, and report it on their monthly activity report.          

7.    Post must submit a Hospital Report by the 10th of every month.

8.    Post must submit a Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen entry to their District for judging.

9.    Post must donate a minimum of $50.00 to VMS (Veterans and Military Support.

10. Post must earn a minimum of 150 points from the following:

a.     5 points for each $25.00 donated to the following categories: (maximum $100 (20 Points) per category):

                                                   i.     Cancer (Posts will be given credit for any cancer donations made at the National Home on Michigan Day)

                                                 ii.     Commander’s Special Project--Cancer (Cancer donations for Commander’s Special Project must be earmarked as such)

                                               iii.     Day of Challenges

                                               iv.     Gold Star Mothers

                                                 v.     Blue Star Mothers

                                               vi.     National Cemeteries

                                             vii.     Mental Health (PTSD)

                                            viii.     Scouting (Donations may be sent directly to the Scout troop but a copy of the check must be sent to Department.)

                                               ix.     All donations must be made through the Department of Michigan except VMS (Veterans and Military Support). THIS DONATION ONLY MUST BE MADE DIRECTLY TO NATIONAL THRU THE VFW NATIONAL WEBSITE

b.    10 Points for posting the Post colors at the National Home on Michigan Day.  Colors must remain posted for the entire day.

c.     5 points for every $25.00 donated to Camp Trotter (Maximum $100.00/20 Points) or 5 points for each Post member who participates in a Camp Trotter Workday (maximum 50 points).  Because of location and logistics, Posts in Districts 13, 14, & 15 may earn the same points as above by performing a Community Service project such as a canned food drive for a charity, park cleanup, etc.  Project must be approved by the All-State Director in advance.

d.    50 points for hosting a Homeless Veteran Stand Down with representatives from such organizations as Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, Employment Assistance, County Health Department, VFW Service Officers, County Senior & Veteran Services, Michigan Veterans Assistance Program, Housing Resources, Hygiene Resources (haircuts, etc.) and Mental Health Resources.  Stand down specifics must be approved by the All-State Director in advance.  Must be reported with pictures showing conspicuous VFW signage such as tablecloth, banner, etc. to the All-State Director.

e.    10 points for Post for submitting at least one entry in either the category of Firefighter, Law Enforcement, Dispatcher or EMT/Paramedic of the Year.

f.      10 points for a Post having an active Facebook and/or Website.

g.     5 points for sponsoring a child to Camp Trotter (maximum 4 children). A donation of $300.00 to the Camp Trotter Scholarship Fund counts as one child.

h.    10 points for performing a POW/MIA Ceremony on POW/MIA Day September 16, 2023.  15 points if open to the public.  Ceremony with pictures must be reported to the POW/MIA Director.

i.       5 points for each Post member who volunteers at a Membership Table at a public event (maximum 4 members per event and 2 events).  Must be reported with pictures showing conspicuous VFW signage such as tablecloth, banner, etc. to the Membership Director.

j.      10 points for holding a symposium open to the public on PTSD. Must be reported with pictures to the Mental Health (PTSD) Director.

k.     5 points for a Post member doing an interview on either radio or TV talking about the mission of the VFW.  Maximum 2 interviews.  Must be reported to the All-State Director at the time of the interview.

l.       5 points for sponsoring a Scout of the Year candidate (5 points for each category:  Eagle Scout, Girl Scout Gold Award, Venture Scout Summit, or Sea Scout QM Award) 15 points maximum.

m.  5 points for the first submission of a candidate for New Member Community Service Volunteer of the Year Award.  One point will be given for any additional candidates.  5 additional points will be awarded to the Post if their entry is chosen as their District winner and 5 additional points will be awarded to the Post whose entry is chosen as the Department winner.

n.    10 Points awarded to any Post that submits an entry for a Post Special Project Award.

o.    10 Points for ordering a minimum of 500 Buddy Poppies.

Captain of the All-State Team will be awarded the Post with the highest membership percentage as of April 30, 2024.



1.    Districts must show an increase of 5% in membership from the previous year unless they were 100% the previous year but must be 100% again.

2.    All Posts in the District must donate to VMS (Veterans and Military Support).  THIS DONATION MUST BE MADE DIRECTLY TO NATIONAL THRU THE VFW NATIONAL WEBSITE.

3.    Districts must either sponsor a tee or a hole at the Fall Conference Golf Tournament or bring a prize to be raffled to the Cancer Table.


Captain of the District All-State Team will be awarded to the District with the highest membership percentage as of April 30, 2024.


The Captain of the All-State Team will receive a $300.00 cash award at the 2024 State Convention.   You must attend the State Convention to receive this award.


Each All-State Commander will receive an All-State Post Commander’s cap, All-State Commander’s pin, and All-State Commander’s citation.  Each All-State Quartermaster will receive an All-State Quartermaster’s cap and All-State Quartermaster’s pin.


A Post or District which meets all the requirements for All-State by April 30, 2024, will receive the All-State Award at the State Convention.  However, a Post or District that has all their reports completed and the necessary number of points turned in by April 30, 2024, but is lacking the membership requirement has until June 30, 2024, to meet the membership requirement.  Post and District All-State awards earned after April 30, 2024, but before June 30, 2024, will have their awards presented at the Post/Districts first meeting or if requested, at 2024 Fall Conference.





 Michael Martin

2023-2024 All-State Director




All State Checklist